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Suplier Relations

Transnafta’s Global Procurement organization manages the competitive bid process to efficiently obtain goods and services from outside sources. Successful supplier candidates for Transnafta should demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Financial viability
  • Competitive and “Value Added” capabilities
  • High ethical standards
  • An understanding of Transnafta’s business
  • Quality procedures and processes, ISO, or others appropriate to the industry
  • Technology, cost or service advantage over other competitors
  • Innovative delivery of goods or services e-commerce, EDI, etc.
  • Third-party minority or women-owned orientation certification, if applicable

Transnafta reserves the right to select suppliers who will participate in the procurement process. Transnafta cannot and will not promise to transact business with all suppliers. We anticipate that all suppliers will honor Transnafta’s Code of Business Conduct and demonstrate compliance with applicable safety, environmental, and transportation laws and regulations.