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Living Our Values

Transnafta is a company that strives to bring value and values together. We create value for our shareholders and provide quality products and services for our customers. In doing so, we act responsibly toward those who work for us, the communities in which we operate and our business partners.

These are the core values that guide Transnafta’s approach to business:

  • Health and Safety:
    • Conduct our business with the highest regard for the health and safety of our employees, contractors and neighboring communities
  • Environmental Stewardship:
    • Minimize impact on the environment by reducing wastes, emissions and other releases
    • Member of Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership

  • Honesty and Integrity:
  • Corporate Citizenship:
  • High Performance:
    • Create sustainable value through a high performance team culture
    • Provide a collaborative, supportive work environment where employees are encouraged to reach their full professional potential
    • Respect the individual, valuing the diversity of ideas, backgrounds and cultures of our employees, communities, business partners and others with an interest in what we do